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Ceramic coffee mug buying guide and How to use it correctly

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Ceramic Mug Group, When purchasing a coffee mug, you can choose a suitable ceramic coffee mug according to the type of coffee you choose and your personal habits. Coffee is divided into eight categories: 1. Espresso; 2. Latte; 3. Cappuccino; 4. Cortado; 5. Mocha; 6. Bombo; 7. Bicerin; 8.Macchiato, Then choose a coffee mug according to your personal preferences and drinking occasions. Generally speaking, a white coffee mug will make you feel the taste of coffee is stronger. A blue mug will make your coffee taste lighter. In addition, small coffee mugs below 100cc are generally used for Italian coffee, and mugs without mug holders are often used for coffee with a high proportion of milk, such as latte and milk coffee.
In terms of personal preference, in addition to the appearance of the custom ceramic coffee mug, you should also pick it up to see if it is smooth, so that you will feel convenient and comfortable when using it. For the weight of the mug, it is advisable to choose a light mug, because a lighter mug has a denser texture. The denser texture means that the raw material particles of the mug are fine, and the surface of the mug is tight and the pores are small, which is not easy to make coffee stains adhere to the surface of the mug.

A mug of fragrant and mellow coffee is a must-have item for white-collar workers in their daily work. For a good mug of coffee, every step from the selection of coffee beans, roasting, grinding, and brewing is very important. Likewise, the container used to hold it - the coffee mug is also very important. If it is properly matched, it will have an icing on the cake effect. The following are the methods and steps of using coffee mugs introduced by ceramic mug Manufacturer:
1. The material of the coffee mug
The simplicity of ceramic mugs and the roundness of porcelain mugs symbolize different coffee attitudes. The ceramic mug has a rich texture and is suitable for dark roasted and full-bodied coffee. Porcelain mugs are light in texture, soft in color, high in density, and good in heat preservation. They can make the coffee cool down more slowly in the mug, and are the best choice for expressing the flavor of coffee.
2. The size of the coffee mug of the coffee mug
Small coffee mugs (60ml~80ml) are suitable for tasting pure high-quality coffee or strong single-origin coffee. The size of a mug can make the aftertaste of the coffee linger and show the delicate flavor of coffee.
Regular coffee cups (120ml~140ml), common coffee cups, generally choose such cups when drinking coffee, there is enough space, you can make your own, add milk powder and sugar.
Mug (above 300ml), suitable for coffee with a lot of milk.
3. Placement and warming of coffee mugs
Placement method: There are two kinds, the handle of the mug is on the right is American style, and the handle of the mug is on the left is British style.
Warm mug: Warm the ceramic coffee mug in order to completely seal all the flavors of the coffee. The easiest way to do this is to pour hot water into a ceramic coffee mug, or to preheat a coffee mug in the microwave. Because once the boiling coffee just out of the oven is poured into a cold mug, the temperature will drop suddenly, and the aroma will also be affected. In order to best retain the aroma of coffee, it is best to serve coffee in a hot stoneware coffee mug.
4. Clean ceramic coffee mugs
Ceramic coffee mugs with fine texture have compact surface and small pores, which are not easy to adhere to coffee stains. After drinking coffee, it is best to rinse with clean water immediately to keep the cup clean.
In ceramic coffee mugs that have been used for a long time, coffee stains will adhere to the surface of the mug as it accumulates over time. For ceramic coffee mugs with stubborn coffee stains like this one, soak the mug in lemon juice or lye water to remove coffee stains. In the process of cleaning the coffee mug, never use a hard brush to scrub, and avoid using strong acid and alkali cleaners. The surface of the coffee mug is scratched and damaged, which will affect the taste of the coffee.
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