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How to use a ceramic coffee mug and choose the right?

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Ceramic Mug Group, Before drinking coffee, we have to choose the right coffee mug according to the real situation, which kind of coffee we want to drink this time. Of course, if you are traveling, you may need to choose a travel coffee (travel coffee mug with a lid for easy storage), and if you are at home or in the office, then you need to choose a ceramic coffee mug with the right capacity according to the characteristics of the coffee.
Choosing a coffee mug:
Small coffee mugs (60ml-80ml), suitable for tasting concentrated high-quality coffee, or strong single-serve coffee, a cup and a mouthful of portions, can make the aftertaste of the coffee lingers, and more show the exquisite flavor of the coffee.
Regular coffee cups (120ml~140ml), common coffee cups, generally drink coffee more choose such cups, there is enough space, you can mix your own, add milk and sugar.
Mug cup (300ml or more), suitable for coffee with a large amount of milk.

Then according to the taste of coffee, choose the right shape and color of ceramic coffee cup. According to scientists' research: fat coffee cups will make you feel the taste of coffee is sweeter, on the contrary, thin ceramic coffee cups make people feel more bitter. Choosing a white ceramic coffee mug will make us feel that the coffee is darker and stronger in color and tastes better. Blue coffee mugs will make you feel that the coffee is lighter and has a lighter taste.
Of course, there are other colors and shapes of coffee mugs that affect the taste. Please refer to:

8 flavors of coffee and the influence of different coffee mugs on taste

If you need custom personalized ceramic coffee mugs, you can contact Xinxiang Ceramic Factory, we will provide professional customized service.

1. Clean the coffee mug: Before using the coffee mug, make sure it is clean. Thoroughly wash the coffee mug with warm water and detergent, and rinse it with water to make sure there is no detergent residue.

2. Preheat the coffee mug: Heat up the ceramic coffee mug in order to seal in all the flavors of the coffee. The easiest way is to pour hot water into the ceramic coffee mug or preheat the mug in the microwave. The reason for this is that, once freshly brewed boiling coffee is poured into a cold mug, the temperature plummets and the flavor is affected. In order to best preserve the flavor of the coffee, it is best to serve it in a hot ceramic coffee cup.

3. Pour the right amount of coffee: Pour the right amount of coffee according to your taste and needs, usually the capacity mark on the coffee mug will show the maximum capacity line.

4. Pay attention to the temperature of the coffee: The coffee cup conducts heat, so be careful of burning your mouth when drinking coffee. If the coffee is too hot, wait a few moments for it to cool down a bit.

5. Insert the stirring stick: If you need to stir the coffee, use the stirring stick to gently stir the coffee, do not use too much force to avoid hitting the wall of the mug.

6. Careful placement: After drinking coffee, carefully place the coffee cup back on the table or coffee cup holder to avoid collision and tipping.

7. Cleaning the coffee mugs: the long-term use of ceramic coffee mugs, coffee scale with the accumulation of time, will be attached to the surface of the cup. For ceramic coffee mugs with stubborn coffee stains like this one, soak the cup in lemon juice or lye water to remove the coffee scale. In the cleaning process of coffee cups, never use hard brushes to scrub, and avoid using strong acid or alkali cleaners, the surface of the coffee cup is scratched and damaged, which will have an effect on the taste of the coffee.

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