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Classification, origin and how to customize ceramic gifts

Ceramic Mug Group Key:ceramic gift
Ceramic Mug Group, Ceramic gifts, an important category of modern family daily use and business gifts, is to use ceramics as a gift element to carry friendship and convey culture.

Ceramic gifts are mainly divided into two categories: daily-use ceramics and craft ceramics. For a long time, craft ceramics with its exquisite art, has been as the dominant ceramic gifts continue to thrive. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, people's demand for daily use of ceramics is also growing and improving. Daily ceramic gifts to: ceramic mugs, ceramic coffee mugs, tea mugs, milk mugs, beer mugs, ceramic tableware, ceramic ashtrays and so on. Craft ceramics to: ceramic ornaments, ceramic display plates, ceramic vases and so on. Nowadays, high quality and healthy daily-use ceramics and craft ceramics are more and more popular.

China's main places of origin:
(1) Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province: its ceramic gifts to craft ceramics, porcelain art is known in China and abroad. Jingdezhen porcelain beautiful, varied, richly decorated, unique style, blue and white, blue and white Linglong, pastel, color glaze, known as the four traditional porcelain in Jingdezhen.
(2) Liling, Hunan: its ceramic gifts to daily-use ceramics. Products sell well in the United States, Europe, Japan, the Middle East and South America. Its ceramic mug series price is medium, ceramic ornaments price is medium. Liling is the birthplace of the world's underglaze porcelain, Liling underglaze porcelain texture fine, moist and elegant, color and color. Good, moist and elegant, colorful colorful, colorful and vulgar.
(3) Shandong Zibo: one of the world-famous porcelain. Zibo ceramics is one of China's oldest ceramic gift production base. Mainly ceramic mugs, ceramic coffee mugs, ceramic tea mugs, etc., the material to stoneware, bone china-based. Craft ceramics are mainly ceramic display plates , artificial hand-painted images mostly.
(4) Tangshan, Hebei: bone china-based daily-use ceramics dominate. Tangshan ceramics are mainly concentrated in bone china coffee cups, bone china tea cups, bone china tableware and so on. But the quality of Tangshan's flower paper is general, so the bone china cup itself is high quality, but the cup pattern quality is general.
(5) Chaozhou, Guangdong: is one of the porcelain capitals of China. Chaozhou ceramics is daily-use ceramics and craft ceramics. Ceramic products have always been Chaozhou's traditional export products, exported to Europe, the United States, Africa, Asia, more than 100 countries and regions. Its ceramic products are novel in style and bold in color, which are loved by people all over the world. Its ceramic products are novel in style and bold in color, and are loved by people all over the world.
(6) Fujian Dehua: Dehua ceramics to daily-use ceramics. Its porcelain raw materials are mostly white porcelain. Dehua kiln workers continue to study and improve product modeling, firing a lot of novel ceramic coffee mugs, ceramic tableware and tea sets.

Ceramic gift features:
1, health is the first element of ceramic gifts. With the improvement of people's living standards, people for daily use of ceramics, environmental protection, health is more and more important. Ceramic mugs, ceramic tableware in the production process are in pursuit of no lead and chromium dissolved. At the same time, a number of antibacterial ceramics, easy At the same time, a number of antibacterial ceramics, easy to clean ceramics, water ceramics and other ecological health ceramics, more won the market praise.
2, craft ceramics practical trend is becoming more and more prominent. For example, ceramic jewelry organizer, it can not only when the craft ornaments, but also to store jewelry. Although this craft ceramics will not be in direct contact with the human mouth, but it will always be placed in the home or office. Its health and safety, there is no need to worry.
3. Daily use of ceramics, coffee cups, for example. Ceramic coffee cups, inexpensive, green, high frequency of use, good publicity, with anywhere advertising effect. Relative to other gifts, the general price of mugs is not high, but the publicity effect and frequency of use But no less than any other gift.

Customized ceramic gifts:
Customized ceramic mugs and ceramic ornaments are unique and personalized items for all occasions. Whether you want to give a gift to someone special or promote your business, customized ceramic gifts are a great choice. Before customizing ceramic gifts, determine the The price of the gift, if it is priced under $5, ceramic mugs are a good choice, $5-$30, ceramic dinnerware is the best choice. $10-$200 is the price of craft ceramics.

Customizing ceramic gifts is a simple and straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:
1. choose the type of ceramic mugs and ceramic ornaments you want to customize. We have many gift shapes and sizes, you can contact Xinxiang Ceramic Manufacturer directly. We assist you to choose.
2. Determine the pattern you want to imprint on your ceramic gifts. You can choose from a wide range of colors, patterns and graphics. You can even add your own logo or tagline.
3. Look for reputable suppliers that offer customization services. You can search online or seek friends. Submit your desired ceramic gift needs.
4. We make samples according to your requirements within 7 working days. And take pictures, videos or mail samples for your confirmation.
5. After confirming the samples, we will do in-plant safety test, if you need the test report from the third party organization, we will mail the samples to the third party for safety test according to your requirements.
6. According to the quantity of ceramic gifts, mass production. The production cycle is about 30-50 days.
7. Products are tested and packaged, and sent to you through logistics.

Ceramics has a long history, inherits culture and is a symbol of quality life. Ancient aristocrats to use precious porcelain, to show the luxury and dignity. Literati to porcelain, attached to elegance, reflecting taste. Therefore, high-grade ceramic gifts is a symbol of honor and extraordinary taste.
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