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Ceramic flower paper classification and characteristics of appreciation

Ceramic Mug Group Key:ceramic flower paper
Ceramic Mug Group, Ceramic applique, is to paste the color pattern on the stained paper to ceramic blanks or glaze, also known as "flower shift", is the most widely used in modern ceramics, a decorative technique. Pattern decoration to rely on printing reproduction method to achieve, that is, directly on the object printing patterns. For shaped and special requirements of the bearing material and bearer, it is necessary to use indirect decorative method. Small film paper is to meet this requirement of a decorative method.

Small film stained paper, also known as water transfer decal paper, it is the first pattern printed on a pre-coated water-soluble adhesive special paper, and then through the water soak wetting, transfer attached to the surface of the object of a decorative process. Small membrane flower paper is composed of the bottom layer of base paper (also known as paper base), the middle layer of the soluble glue, and the surface of the cover oil.

Membrane paper according to the different barbecue temperature after the transfer of paste can be divided into: high-temperature flower paper and low-temperature flower paper. Here we look at their differences and commonalities:

1. low-temperature stained paper is the main component of the ink material, the production of color material drying slow, need enough time to fully dry completely to the second process; low-temperature flower paper firing temperature: baked 120-180 degrees. Low-temperature floral paper paper affordable, colorful, versatile, glossy, three-dimensional sense of strong, anti-corrosion environmental protection, but the adhesion is relatively weak.

2. High-temperature paper points: glazed, glazed, under the glaze, glazed paper is mainly used for bottles and daily-use porcelain, firing temperature of 780 degrees or so, glazed, under the glaze is mainly used for daily-use porcelain, art porcelain, etc., some high-grade bottles are also used in glazed paper, firing temperature of 1250 degrees to 1380 degrees; high-temperature flower paper wear resistance is good, often placed in a period of time will not be peeling off the phenomenon of loss of color, adhesion is stronger, but the price is higher than the Low-temperature paper is high, easy to burst flowers and other phenomena, the difficulty of controlling the temperature single, sometimes according to different colors to choose a different temperature. Especially with gold stained paper, the temperature is too high easy to burn black, discoloration; too low if the color is not bright enough, dark.

3. The life of the flower paper: low-temperature flower paper service life time than high-temperature flower paper short, the best decal time is within a month to be used up, too long, then easy to oxidize, so basically do not do inventory.

4. Decal paper dehydration: Decal bad dehydration phenomenon, generally the base paper problem, this time can not be too hard to pull, will pull the pattern of the paper bad, it is recommended to soak a little longer, but the water temperature can not be higher than 25 degrees, should be in 20-25 degrees is appropriate.

5. Decal: decal process, scrape the stained paper as much as possible with soft rubber, especially paste low-temperature flower surface, easy to scratch the pattern. In the decal need moisture fully dry, and then wipe again with a dry cloth.

6. tear film: divided into two kinds of cold tear and hot tear (cold tear is in the baking flower before tearing the film, another is baked and then tear the film for the hot tear), cold tear each time to paste, the time for 10-24 hours for the best time. Try to put in a cool and ventilated place, easy to tear the film. In winter, the weather is cold, generally use hot tearing.

7. Decal adhesion problems: in different ceramic processes, will affect the efficacy of the paper, for example: the surface of the bottle will have a rough surface often a few problems, paste up to put half an hour on the phenomenon of shedding, mainly the plane is not smooth enough, we will usually be a special treatment of small patterns or the overall base film to do a big, increase the consolidation of the strength of each pattern; if the paste up to baking flowers or bad adhesion, can only be put to baking the temperature of flowers Increase the baking temperature or keep warm in the kiln for a longer time (if you still can't deal with the above problems, you can only brush a layer of wax on the position of the decal, and then paste the pattern to be pasted on it, adding a program. (This is only for the rough treatment of wine bottles, not with rough bottles, flower paper ink paste up will not have this problem)

8. Storage of stained paper: storage and transportation process can not be heavy pressure, should be placed in an upright position. It is recommended that the porcelain factory store the paper in a humidity of 60-75 degrees for storage.

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