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Production process of customized branded ceramic coffee mugs

Ceramic Mug Group Key:branded ceramic coffee mug
Ceramic Mug Group, 1. Billet mud
Blending the ingredients into a puree. For specific ingredients see: Various raw materials for ceramic coffee mugs

2. Blank mold making
The factory uses a lathe press. After installing a new mold into the press, the mold is first adjusted (note: the new mold needs to wait for drying before it can be used), then the cut blanks are put into the mold, and the head of the press is dropped into the mold and rotated, and the blank production is completed. The mug handle is usually made by grouting (it takes about 10-15 minutes to solidify and mold).

3. Assembly
The pressed blanks are left for 5-10 minutes to harden. Remove the handle from the mug after it has solidified. First, flatten the ends of the handle, then correct the excess clay on the handle. Finally, holding the handle in your hand, dip the handle into the clay and glue the handle and body together to form a complete ceramic coffee mug. It takes about 20-30 minutes to dry the finished mug (increase the blowing force and temperature to speed up the drying process).

4. Repair
After drying ceramic mug blanks need to trim and wash. The purpose is to remove the protruding particles on the surface of the mug, and the bottom of the mug will be polished smooth. After trimming and washing the mug blanks, the final drying. This takes about 10 hours until all the water in the mugs has evaporated.

5. Glaze
Glaze the completely dried mugs. There are many types of glazes (Ingredients and Classification of Glazes: The characteristics and functions of 7 glazes of ceramic mugs). In the glazing session, the simplest is a single-color glaze, in which the entire molded cup is placed in the glaze. If the mug requires multiple glaze colors, the operation is a bit more complicated. An example is the common two-tone glazed mug - one color on the outside and another color on the inside. The glazing process for a two-color glazed mug is as follows:
1). Glaze the mouth of the mug. The mouth of the mug is where the two colors connect, so it requires special treatment. The mouth of the mug should be dipped in the corresponding glaze, and to prevent the two glazes from overlapping, the glaze that dips the mouth of the mug should be filled with a water-resistant agent.
2). Glaze the inside. Place the branded ceramic mug with the mouth down into the machine. With the movement of the conveyor belt, the glaze nozzle will invert the inside wall of the mug, evenly sprayed with glaze color.
3). Glaze the outer wall. After drying the mug, put it into the glaze liquid, the industry is called dip glaze.

6. Enter the kiln
The glazed mugs will be dried, you can enter the kiln firing. Time is more than 10 hours, according to the mug type different time is also different. In addition, according to the customer's requirements for the color of the mug, there are high temperature firing, medium temperature firing and low temperature firing.

7. Out of kiln
Out of the kiln The finished ceramic mugs are cooled in the kiln.

8. Decorate the paper
According to the customer's requirements, the picture will be made into flower paper. At present, there are many kinds of flower paper, more detailed see: Decal paper categories and decal techniques for ceramic coffee mugs At present, the most commonly used is the small film flower paper. Small film flower paper is composed of the bottom layer of base paper (also known as paper base), the middle layer of the sol, and the surface of the cover oil. Small film paper in accordance with the different barbecue temperature can be divided into: high-temperature flower paper and low-temperature flower paper.
1). The main component of low-temperature flower paper is ink material, the production of color material is slow to dry, need enough time to fully dry completely before the second process; low-temperature flower paper firing temperature: baked 120-180 degrees. Low-temperature flower paper paper affordable, colorful, versatile, glossy, three-dimensional sense of strong, anti-corrosion environmental protection, but the adhesion is relatively weak.
2). High-temperature paper: glazed, glazed, under the glaze, glazed paper firing temperature of 780 degrees or so, glazed paper, firing temperature 1250 degrees to 1380 degrees; high-temperature paper wear resistance is good, long time to place there will be no peeling off the phenomenon of color loss, strong adhesion, but its price is higher than the low-temperature paper, easy to burst flowers and other phenomena, the temperature of the difficulty of controlling a single.

Sometimes according to different colors to choose a different temperature. Especially with gold flower paper, the temperature is too high easy to burn black, discoloration; too low if the color is not bright enough, dark. After the paper is attached to the cup, it is fired in the kiln. According to the different paper, set the firing temperature.
Lastly, there is the tearing process. There are two kinds of film tearing: cold tearing and hot tearing (cold tearing is to tear the film before baking the flowers, and the other is to tear the film after baking for hot tearing), cold tearing every time you stick, the time for 10-24 hours is the best time. Try to put in a cool and ventilated place, easy to tear the film. Winter weather is colder, generally use hot tear.

In summary, customized personalized ceramic coffee mugs, from the ore to the finished product of the whole process of change. Of course, the production process of each factory is not very different, but the quality of the product, the grade of raw materials and the level of craftsmanship is still different. If you want to customize branded ceramic coffee mugs, it is recommended to choose a professional ceramic production factory
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